Change, even when it is welcomed, can be difficult. I’m not just talking about daylight savings time, and losing an hour of potential sleep to an antiquated means of preserving candle wax or lamp oil. I’m referring to the fact that on top of the new dayjob, and all of its responsibilities and pressures, I have other aspects of my life that demand my attention and engagement.

Once I get myself home and I have the time to catch my breath, I find myself with very little energy to take time for myself, be it in writing or gaming or anything of that nature. Lately, I have simply felt too drained to invest much time or attention in anything solely for my benefit or advancement. Even writing out this particular blog post feels like a luxury; I should already be making the coffee I’ll need to fuel my coding endeavors for the day downtown.

Hopefully this is a temporary state of affairs and I’ll strike a more palatable work/responsibility/life balance soon. Until then, I’ll do what I have to do. Expectations are damned high, but I’ve been enough of a disappointment already in my life, and I’m doing my utmost to not be one anymore.