Ultimate Werewolf by Email

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This past weekend I got to play Ultimate Werewolf with a large group. It was incredibly fun, and a thought occurred. Why does the fun have to stop because the event did?

This is a game of hidden roles. Most players are Villagers, but some of them are Werewolves, prowling by night to feed. Every day, the Villagers awaken to find another of their number brutally murdered, and pick one from among them to hang for the heinous crimes. The Villagers win if they kill all the Werewolves, but all the Werewolves have to do is survive until there aren’t enough Villagers to kill them off…

If this sounds interesting to you, take a look at this primer on all of the roles, and join this Google group. We’ll put games together from those who join, and conduct all of the game’s business via email. Be prepared for some harrowing nights and hectic, fear-fueled days…

Welcome to Ultimate Werewolf by email.

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  1. I get a page not found when I click on the primer…

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