This week has been relatively rough. Some projects at the dayjob simply refuse to die. I’ve had some difficulty sticking to my exercise routine. It’s possible I’m still knackered by the changing of the seasons, especially now that colder weather and even less sunshine is the order of the day.

So I’m not as far along in my edit & initial rewrite of Cold Streets as I’d like to be. There is, however, good news in that I have quite a few ideas and notes written out. By hand. I’m hoping to apply my ideas over the weekend, and possibly make some larger strides towards finishing the rewrite. I’d solicit test readers right now, but I already know how rough this draft is, and I won’t subject any of you fine folks to it without at least a little bit of polish and sanding.

I’ve also been writing letters to friends to keep that art alive, but that’s neither here nor there.

Hopefully, next week will be better. I’ll do my best to make it so.