Josh Loomis, the Blue Ink Alchemist, was born in Omaha, Nebraska back in 1978. He lived most of his life in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he attended school at Parkland. He discovered a love for the written word at an early age, often escaping into stories of the fantastical when the real world got him down. He wrote his first short story in junior high and a novel-length story at 15. He’s been improving his voice and cultivating his style ever since.

His university years were spent at Bloomsburg, studying English for four years and Instructional Technology for one. He spent some time living just north of Pittsburgh and experienced an equal share of keen highs and abysmal lows. The journey he undertook brought him back out to the eastern side of the state and the shadow of Philadelphia, where he began writing again in earnest while taking web programming jobs to pay the bills. He then moved to Seattle to pursue larger opportunities in the gaming industry, be it as a storyteller or a developer.

He currently lives in Seattle with his partner, a frumpy Maine Coon, and an eloquent corn snake.


  1. Josh —

    I’m a writer at The Dallas Morning News, where I’m writing a story about romances that have been spawned via online gaming sites… I came across your article in The Escapist from a few years back and wanted to see if you could give me an update on how things turned out? I don’t know if that presents a tricky situation for you at all (though I see your bio notes a Canadian-imported wife!) but I do plan to refer to the article in my own story and figured I should update things if possible.

    Either way, wondered if you had any further thoughts on what about online gaming situations might present fertile ground for relationship-building — I know that you were partial to EverQuest and WoW, though the couple I’ll be focusing on (here in Texas) met via Words With Friends. And if you’ve changed your mind about the viability of online match-ups, please let me know that too.

    Anyway, whatever you could contribute to this would be most appreciated.

    Thanks much!

    Marc Ramirez, senior writer
    The Dallas Morning News
    (214) 977-8263

  2. Hello Josh,

    I was wondering if you were interested in guest posting for us.

    Our blog series is called: ‘The (vacant) Author’. It is an author series written by self-published, published, non-published, and new writers and authors about their experiences in writing, publishing, getting agents, getting rejected, getting accepted, being published, and their lives in writing. We base each post off of an emotion. For example: The Angry Author or The Content Author.

    You can talk about one moment you remember or a moment in your career. You can write one paragraph or 10 paragraphs. Let us know what topic you want to write about. We got a list to help you choose from here –>

    Check it out and let me know.


  3. I have a keen interest in diametrically opposed cats, although I have yet to master their language.

  4. Hey, i saw your post from last summer on the “gamers seeking gamers” thread on SA, saw you live right around where i do in lansdale. Have you ever been to royal comics and gaming on main street? They do D&D on tuesdays, thursdays, and sometimes sundays. Just thought you might be interested.

  5. Whereabouts Canada did you import your wife from? I’m from Montreal, Quebec. The picture you put up for the story Within the Church looks familiar… ?

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