A Brief TF2 Anecdote

Courtesy Valve

My wife started playing Team Fortress 2 on my X-Box live account yesterday. She said she’d gotten some things done in preparation for our move on Saturday, and wanted something ‘quick’ to fill the time. She ended up getting sucked into the epic and pitched conflict between RED and BLU.

She’s discovered that she’d probably enjoy playing the Pyro most of all. She’s continuing to experiment with classes, but that seems to fit her requirements of speed, durability and fun factor. She just likes setting folks on fire. Anyway, we took turns, and while I was sniping people she looked up some of the advantages the PC has over the X-Box, specifically some of the unlockable weapons.

“Snipers get a bow?” she asked me at one point.

“Yep, it’s called the Huntsman,” I replied. She punched it up.

“Wow. If you’re playing a Sniper and I’m a Pyro, I can set your arrows on fire.”

“Seriously?” I had to look away from the screen to confirm this. I might have gotten backstabbed in the meantime. “That’s super cool.”

She looked at me. “We totally have to do that.”

As if I needed another reason to love this woman.

Now, granted, we can’t pursue this plan right away. We’re moving, as I’ve mentioned, which means bills need to be paid on a couple of fronts, our littlest furball needs some major vet treatment (and Spark could probably use a booster shot as well) and I would need to acquire or assemble for my darling a computer that’d run TF2 smoothly. However, I know a lot more people using the PC version of the game, the controls are likely a bit better, and there are the aforementioned unlockables.

More on this as it develops, but suffice it to say my geeky heart was aglow pretty much all night last night. Other than that I’ve been doing a lot of running around getting the move arranged, keeping things somewhat sane at the dayjob and plowing forward with Citizen in the Wilds. Yes, that’s the title I’m going with for the Project unless something better comes along. I guess I could have blogged about that instead of gushing about how awesome my wife is.

There’s always tomorrow, I guess.


  1. Mmh nrffmh, rhfffrrrm hm!

  2. Dude, you just won. You’ve now achieved what all geeks want. Half woman, half Canadian, 100% Gamer. Now I need to go pick up the Orange Box for my PS3 and try to lure Maggie into it’s trap.

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