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Today’s one of those days where I just have to admit: “Yeah, I got nothin’.”

I know there are some out there who believe that there’s no point in putting up a blog post if it’s not going to be about anything significant. I try to post every day, but I don’t operate under the impression that everything I say is going to carry deep meaning. Not every brick that drops out of the sphincter of my mind is going to be a golden one. Mostly I do it to maintain some sort of readership/following. So if you’re still here, thanks for putting up with me. I know I can be a pain.

The only thing of true significance concerning this rather dreary Monday is the fact that I’m going to be increasing my daily word goal in the Project to 1250. If I can get at least that many in per day, with that amount being 1% of my total projected word count, I can reasonably predict when I might finish, set a deadline and adjust my pace accordingly. Thankfully, I don’t think this general miasma under which I’m operating today will extend to how things will be this evening. I’ll change into comfortable clothes, pour myself a drink and try to get a bit further in the current scene. I want to make sure things gel properly.

Open forum time, folks. Those of you who are bloggers – what do you do when you feel you’ve nothing to blog about? Do you mine your site stats for search terms? Do you put down a stream of consciousness exercise? Do you just not bother?

Your thoughts, give them to me.


  1. I haven’t been bothering. Not that I’m perfect by any stretch, but I have standards for myself to some degree. If I can’t meet them, I won’t do it.

    If it feels forced, I won’t do it.

    What I have to do is find a way to manage the groove so that if I get started on something it WON’T feel forced anymore. I’ve done that a few times successfully where I’ve started a post on one topic and it shifted into something totally unrelated, so I deleted the first bit and ran with the rest.

  2. I haven’t been bothering either. What drives me nuts though is I do have article ideas. But by the time I’m done with class, kids, going to the gym, and homework, I have so little time to write.

    I need to force myself to write a little so I can get these posts out there, and hopefully eventually build up more than the 2 or 3 readers I have now.

    But writing, even if it’s bad, is always a good thing. It gives you exercise putting thoughts down. So kudos for keeping it up as much as you do, and I have yet to find an article of yours I haven’t found interesting.

  3. I started, as of yesterday, just posting a word count. No “real” content, just a little reminder for myself as to what I should be doing. Feel free to kick my butt if I miss a day.

  4. I’ve always felt that if you’ve got nothing to say, then you shouldn’t say anything. Naturally, this doesn’t really make any difference from the blogger’s perspective. Come to think of it, this is more something that commentators should keep in mind. After all, part of being a blogger is being at liberty to throw whatever you want out there, regardless of whether or not there’s anything particularly significant in your words. The trick then becomes creating something from the nothing that you’re saying.

    The thing is that there’s always something out there to talk about or discuss. The hard part is finding the energy and willingness to tackle it (harder still is trying to be profound and insightful). I doubt I myself could make such consistent efforts on a daily basis, but there’s no harm in trying. Again, it’s just what being a blogger is all about.

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