A Cunning Predator
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For Chuck’s latest challenge, I thought I’d describe one of the constants in my life over the past decade or so.

1) He only ever wears one coat, the same creamsicle orange with slightly darker stripes.

2) He likes to wander around the apartment and shout pitiful meows at the walls when I’m not around.

3) According to the vets, he is a “senior pet.”

4) When I’m writing or blogging, his very favorite spot is right in front of my word processing window.

5) He has a cool, moist nose, which you notice when he nuzzles his way under your hand so you pet him.

6) If I put dough on my lap, he’d be making bread, while purring (and wheezing) to beat the band.

7) Be he loafing with all four limbs tucked under his bulk, or pushed through a tissue box, he’s not as stealthy as he thinks.

8) He bats at his sister until she moves, then takes her spot to soak up the best sunlight.

9) He has especially stinky crap when he eats fish.

10) He trots towards me, his tail high and kinked, when I walk through the door after a long day.