A bit about my schedule: most of the time I do my best to write these things well in advance, and set them up to publish in the morning, because that’s the best way to get some decent traffic during the day. There are times when that isn’t possible. Yesterday was particularly bad to the point that I was so put out, I didn’t write a single word.

I hate writing these posts. But it’s important for those loyal and treasured few of you who actually read my words to know why there are deviations in the schedule I attempt to adhere to. Yesterday’s was a result of a busy weekend. Today’s is the result of what one might call ‘crisis mode thinking’.

I know it may seem like the most insignificant of first world problems that, on top of everything else, I complain and express concern over a blog schedule. But whenever I fail in an obligation, to anybody, I feel pretty terrible. I feel like I’m breaking my word. And that is no way for an adult to behave.

Anyway, provided I can get back on top of things, and keep this rattling and cacophonous train on its tracks, we should be back to a normal posting schedule soon. I want to maintain Blue Ink Alchemy as a platform for my fiction, a place to review and discuss all sorts of geeky entertainment, and a forum for facilitating writing and thought processes among my readers. That’s you guys.

I wouldn’t feel this obligation if it weren’t for you, I’m always happy to post new fiction and new reviews for you to read, I’m glad I can provide you with free entertainment, and I know that your time and attention are precious things. I want you all to know how deeply I appreciate you, as readers and visitors, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is my lease favorite kind of post to write – the long-winded apology – but if you’ve stuck with it long enough to read these words, you are seventeen different kinds of awesome, and you should know it.