Writing, like any skill, needs to be practiced in order to maintain a certain level of competence. The nibs of pens and points of pencils must be sharpened. For me, writing flash fiction every week is how I got about doing that. Having to come up with a thousand words with a simple prompt keeps me on the edge. But after a rather hectic weekend, I find myself needing one more day to put everything together. Which is why I don’t do it competitively.

I know there are some weekly flash fiction contests out there that yield bragging rights if nothing else. But I don’t think I’m at a point where I can confidently step into that kind of wordy Thunderdome. I have other projects to finish, dayjob work can keep me late, and there’s the chores and the running around and the things I do to remain sane. As much as fractured artists make for great stories in and of themselves, I’d like to keep as much of me intact as I can going forward. That’s why I keep using the prompts at Terribleminds – no pressure. No prizes to win or punishments to endure. The only writer I’m really trying to best is myself.

So this week, Flash Fiction is getting bumped to tomorrow. And based on the prompt, I’m hopeful it’ll be a good one.

(If you’re curious, my d20 ring rolled a 12.)