Courtesy Warner Bros

Cold Streets is closer than ever to the end of the first draft. I have a few changes I think I’ll be making before test readers are contacted, so I guess they’ll be seeing a second draft, or perhaps draft 1.5 – either way, I’m on the cusp of switching gears between writing and editing, which is an exciting and terrifying time in the life of any project.

The bulk of my free time lately has been consumed with getting caught up on Supernatural. We’re up the fifth season as of today. Serial storytelling is interesting to me, as the longer a series goes on, the more danger it is in of rattling on its rails, if not jumping off completely. Thus far, this show seems to keep its focus on its interesting and very human characters while raising the stakes for the protagonists. It would be very easy to make the show all about the threat or the creatures or the special effects, but for the moment, the emphasis is on the people we’ve been with along the way, which to me is a good sign for things to come.

Some have said that later seasons do rattle along the rails, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping to get more done in Cold Streets over the weekend, considering it’s a holiday and it’s a good time to be writing. Then again, any time is a good time to be writing. Unless you’re driving or something.