This has not been the best of weeks in my writing career.

I have several good reviews lined up, plenty to discuss in terms of gaming, a solid outline for Cold Streets, and traction on the fantasy rewrite. Yet I’m continuing to struggle in carving out the time I know I need to get things done in a timely manner. There’s still something “off” about how I’m going about my daily business.

Maybe I need to finish unpacking all of my crap. Maybe I have a blocked chakra. Maybe I’m just lazy.

I know that the only way for me to write is to sit down and write. And as much as I could lament that I’m not in college anymore and I don’t have as much free time as I used to, that feels like a cop-out, placing blame on circumstances rather than not taking control of the things over which I have control. It’s looking outward when I should be looking inward.

I need to see what I can do about this. I need to make a change. The consequences of what will happen if I don’t frighten me.