Courtesy Wholehearted Ministries

I’m finally starting to catch up on the writing. It’s not a great deal, only a few hundred words here and there, but it’s something, and it should continue improving in the weeks to come. Unfortunately, the stress and fatigue of the season is also catching up with me. I’m sleeping less when I should be doing it more, and the eye I’m keeping on my diet and exercise is not as close as it could be.

The urge to drift off is strong as I sit here typing this, as a matter of fact.

The thing is, the whole idea of ‘catching up’ in such a way is a fallacy. The time that I could have spent writing or sleeping is already lost. I can’t get any of it back. The best I can do is make the effort to better sort my time in the future.

I think I’ll do that after I get done with my shift today. And possibly take a nap.