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Red Pen

I spent a little extra time at the office last night printing out Citizen in the Wilds. Technically it’s now in its second draft, as I rewrote the first three paragraphs before printing. I think the opening is a bit stronger, now. The plan is to do a little revising and editing on the first chapter or two today, and transcribe those change into a Google document tomorrow. If you want an invite, let me know. The more the merrier.

In addition I’m looking to enter Blizzard’s fiction contest. They want a short work of fiction between 2.5k and 7.5k words in length. I’m shooting for the middle, around 4500. It has to be set in the universes of Warcraft, Starcraft or Diablo. In the interest of staying original, and veering away from self-insertion by channeling one of my Warcraft characters (which might actually be against the rules of the contest, to boot) I’ll be writing a story set in Starcraft’s worlds. Tentative title is The Haunting of Pridewater. Should make for an interesting sci-fi “war is hell” yarn.

So that’ll be my day, Internets. How’s yours shaping up? How are folks doing at Origins? Anybody else excited for the US/Ghana match his afternoon?


  1. Invite, please. And a manual on how the F you multitask like you do. Duly amazed here in Jersey.

  2. I am still in.

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