The Way To Her Heart

Danielle & Yahtzee

My wife likes chocolates, shoes and shiny jewelry as much as the next woman. But the truest way to her heart involves things far nerdier than such pedestrian items.

See, I married a gamer. She carries dice in her purse, she knows the ins and outs of many character classes in a variety of games and she’s got very well-reasoned opinions on what’s worth playing and what’s a waste of time. She blogs about these things. And then there’s the fact that I met her playing World of Warcraft.

So when it came to picking something up for her in celebration of Singles Awareness Day (her name for the holiday commemorating St. Valentine), I knew I had to think beyond the normal bouquets of flowers and boxes of sweets. Of course, she’d just finished Mass Effect and its sequel was released late last month, so it was obvious what she really wanted. Even if she hadn’t reminded me in her signature subtle fashion. (That’s what we call “sarcasm,” kids)

I brought the game home last night, along with a box of chocolates, because hey, some traditions aren’t all that bad.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. I know it’s actually tomorrow, but you prefer spontaneity in your gifts, not obligation.


  1. How cute!
    I think a gift that says “I know you” is much better than a traditional roses/candy thing. Not that I don’t love candy and roses, but I got a nerf gun for Christmas, and that would have been a great Valentine’s gift as well.

    Well played, sir!

  2. Cute. 😛

  3. John gave me my presents early, since I’m laid up with a busted up knee. Two boxes of chocolate, and $20 in PSN cash so I can nab the DLC for Assassin’s Creed II.

    I love how he really knows me. *giggle*

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