Courtesy Wholehearted Ministries

If I am asked, I will say that I work for my current dayjob part-time. And yet, I am often one of the few people remaining in the office at the end of the day. That, or I arrive at the office before anybody else shows up. I’m dedicated to the new office, to making a difference in the business, and thus have not devoted more energy and time to other work, billable writing, or even my own novel work.

At least, not during the day. You’d think that after I get done with work and walk home (with a train ride in the middle) that I’d look forward to kicking up my heels and getting some writing done. And I do. The problem is, by the time I get all of the important things in my life sorted, I have very little energy left with which to write anything of significance.

Even this blog post had to wait until the morning to get finished. I simply ran out of steam last night. I’m hoping that with medication and a shift in my focus at the dayjob, I will have more time and energy in the latter part of the day to return to a routine of writing, blogging, and generally being able to breathe deeply. It would be ideal if this “too tired to write” thing would stop being a thing in the near future.