Change is never easy. But it is necessary. Growth and change are what make us alive. They are dynamic elements to existence; without them, we stagnate and remain static, which to me is worse than death. I’ve been meaning to make some changes to this webspace for a while, now, and I think the time is near to do just that.

My plan is to do as some of my contemporaries have done, and move the blog you’re currently reading to a location subordinate to the main page. The main page can then feature my products, my services, my broadcasts, my efforts for fundraising, and all of that good stuff. I think it’s a bit more professional to have that sort of thing front and center, and this sort of thing available if you really want it, but not “all up in your grill” as soon as you plug in my address.

If any folks who’ve made this transition have tips, please let me know! Also if there are good themes to download and/or worth an investment, I’m all ears. I’m hoping that making changes to the site, and to what I can do in terms of telling stories and entertaining people, will make 2015 the best year yet.