So this marks the first week in quite a few in which I managed to get a post up every weekday, resembling my old blogging schedule. I’m not quite back to the point where I have posts lined up far in advance, but I’m getting there. I’ll take progress where I can get it!

I also finally repaired my Craptop, and have confirmed that yes, I can work on it properly while other things are going on in the main living area of the new house, or over in the dining area away from traffic and my normal distractions. I wrote yesterday, and I wrote today, giving some of the sequel to Cold Iron major rewrites. I already feel better about that work.

Interviews are happening, I’m getting out for events (GeekGirlCon this weekend, for example), and basically doing my utmost to keep my head above water. I’m not back on the workout schedule I used to hold, nor am I completely stable in terms of bank accounts, but it could be far worse, and this are all good signs that things will be entirely solid in the very near future.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!