In about a week, I will be breaking down the desk at which I’m currently sitting so I can load it on a truck. In the intervening time, I have to package and send things to various places, sort out what stays and what goes, make all sorts of arrangements, and generally try to keep my head screwed on tight. The only way to describe the status of my life at the current moment is “in upheaval”, perhaps in way unrivaled since the dark days of December 10 years ago.

The need to write nags me. It’s been difficult to carve out the time to work on the necessary steps to finally finish Cold Streets, or even get a blog post like this up in what I feel is a timely fashion. But now is not the time for such additional stress. I don’t want to burn out right before one of the most significant changes of my entire life.

So with that in mind, I am putting the blog on hiatus for a couple of weeks.

Look for new posts here starting September 3rd, and keep an eye on my Twitter and Tumblr in the meantime. Just because I’m focusing on getting my stuff sorted out doesn’t mean I won’t have something to say. I almost always do.

It might not always be relevant, but I almost always have something to say.

Thank you for reading my words, for being patient with me, and encouraging me to continue doing better. I will certainly redouble my efforts to do that as this new chapter of my life gets started.