Courtesy Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund

Back on Memorial Day I mentioned that while we remember the struggles, we sometimes forget the veterans. There are ways to avoid this, to show our support for those who have fought on our behalf, to tell these brave and damaged souls that we have not forgotten them.

One of them is being organized by a friend. It is called The Million Dollar Scholar, and it’s an effort to raise funds for the tuition of young men and women whose parents served as members of the United States Marine Corps. To do this, the Scholar folks are carrying heavy things long distances. They participate in GoRuck challenges, and the more you donate, the more they trek. Learn more about the challenges here.

Give the fundraiser some thought. Consider this or other ways to support our veterans. Nobody returns from the battlefield the same as when they left. Some carry scars invisible to the naked eye. They deserve all we can give and more besides.