I hate posts like this.

I really do. To me, they’re an indication of failure. Not enough time carved out for writing. Insufficient thought given to ideas beforehand. A cavalcade of excuse. So on and so forth.

But I can’t go back and write posts just to fill space. So here I am saying the schedule is off again, this time due to a back injury.

Things like this are particularly galling, to me. My mind doesn’t operate any more slowly if my body’s working against me, why is it harder for me to make time to write and maintain my focus when I’m in ‘recovery mode’? I should be banging out thousands of words as I lay supine on the couch or sit with pillows propping me up. I’ll just have to try harder for the rest of this week, especially since I’ll be working from home, thanks to Vera encountering another flat tire.

Needless to say, I hope your days are a lot better than mine have been.