Blood Eagle has the flag! On Instagram

So there was a bit of a billing hiccup with my web host in the middle of PAX East. Inconvenient, to be sure, but I don’t think anything of value was lost. My host, Wizzerdwerks, are relatively cool people and haven’t really given me any problems. And now that the money side is sorted, everything’s exactly where I left it.

Big things are coming this week. I’ll be back to my usual Flash Fiction schedule; as long as Chuck is tossing out challenges, I’ll be accepting ’em. Provided they don’t involve licking paint off of an old swingset or something like that. I’m wrapping up the Citizen rewrite, gearing up for a final push of edits and prep work for Cold Iron, I have a few articles to draft and at least a couple reviews to prepare. Will IT CAME FROM NETFLIX! return? I’m not sure. Maybe once I finally get myself a good microphone. Which will happen after we move.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention the house we rent space in got sold out from under us? Since we’re month to month we can’t do much about that. So we’re scouting new apartments with more space and amenities, with a move-by date of June 1. Fun stuff!

Good to be back, Internets. Stay tuned, etc.