Courtesy American Superman
Courtesy American Superman of DeviantArt

Okay, I’m very behind on things this week. The dayjob has been a little bit intense, and a free copy of Mass Effect 3 showed up at my door thanks to the generosity of an Escapist user running a contest. I’m flattered & honored that my review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution was declared to be the top user entry of February. I’ve been carving time out of my schedule to try and knock out one revision so I can move on to the next and hopefully have both done by April.

This sort of schedule has a tendency to burn me out.

So I’m taking a brief break. I should be able to resume some of my writerly duties over the weekend. The double-shot of IT CAME FROM NETFLIX! will happen next week, with Alien on Thursday and Aliens on Friday. That way I can give both entries in the seminal sci-fi horror franchise the due they deserve. I’ll also be working on Mass Effect 3, not just because the game (so far) is rather good, but also because I’ll have plenty to talk about in the inevitable review.

Thank you all for your time and patience. I appreciate knowing people are coming by, taking a gander at my work, and considering it worthwhile. I do my utmost not to let any of you down.