Awards Weekend: The Oscars


I didn’t watch the Oscars.

Well, how in the living Hell can you expect to recap the Oscars if you didn’t spend five hours watching them, hm, hmm?

Simple. People blogged and tweeted the stuffing out of last night’s pop-culture Super Bowl. Which was another event I didn’t watch. And no, it had nothing to do with the fact that neither team that has anything resembling my attention got to the game, nor the fact that I didn’t feel inclined to go to anybody’s house under the pretense of watching a game in which I had no interest just to scarf down free snacks and beer. I would’ve felt bad for the false pretense just before devouring my first wing, I imagine. It’s been a while since I’ve had good wings…

What was I talking about? Right, the Oscars. No big surprises.

Before we get to “the little movie that could” as MovieBob called it, let’s not forget that one of my personal and probably all-time favorite animated films, Up, walked away with two Oscars – Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score. The music in the film was instrumental in the storytelling and I’m glad that got recognized. I’m really looking forward to watching Inglorious Basterds tonight, provided the postman obeyed Netflix in bringing it speedily to my door, and I’m sure that tomorrow’s post will basically boil down to “How the fuck did people overlook this film?” if everything I’ve seen/read/heard is to be believed.

Kudos to Jeff Bridges (FINALLY!) and Mo’Nique for their awards, and Sandra – she’s very sweet. I like her as a person. Some of her jobs have been less than stellar, but it’s nice to see a nice person win an Oscar. Then again, maybe she’s a complete prima donna behind the scenes. I’ll probably never know.

So let’s talk about The Hurt Locker. I’m so glad it beat the stuffing out of Avatar. I had a feeling it was going to earn at least a couple of Oscars, but earning a total of six golden statues compared to Avatar‘s three is, to me, a great victory for the proponents of substance over style. That isn’t to say that Ms. Bigelow isn’t without style, as there’s quite a bit in her films. It’s just that her style is far more understated and patient than the frenetic gee-whiz in-your-face nature of glossy 3D graphics and sexualized giant cat-people. However, I have no idea how Hurt Locker stacks up against Basterds, and as I’ve mentioned that’ll probably be something I discuss tomorrow. Maybe another vs. match as I did for True Blood vs. Twilight? In case you forgot, here’s how that turned out.

Anyway, other more learned folk have covered the Oscars and, since I was playing video games instead of sitting through lackluster performances and a truckload of adverts, I have little else to say on the awards themselves. Tomorrow will bring a challenge, as I don’t want to spoil the inevitable ICFN Basterds post in the throw-down. Stay tuned!


  1. I have to be the only person in the world who doesn’t find the Nav’ri (Avatar aliens) attractive.

    I also got 5 minutes into the flick before my suspension of disbelief had a shit-fit. And I can buy into pretty much any bullshit conspiracy theory you can throw at me.

  2. Oh, man, I really wish you’d been watching. The moment that Mo’Nique won, I was out of my chair like a shot, literally yelling, “You go, girl!” at the top of my lungs. (Yes, I know my slang is woefully out of date. Shut up.)

    I love Sandra Bullock, and I can’t wait to go see The Blind Side. I know some folks didn’t like it for whatever reason, (though I suspect it falls under Reality is Unrealistic), but I care not. I’m glad she got some kudos for that movie.

    The best moment, though was watching James Cameron lose to his ex-wife Katherine Bigelow not once, but TWICE. I’m a might bit biased, since I have issues with people who go through significant others like I go through nail polish, but mostly I was happy because of what you mentioned earlier: substance over style.

  3. I have no qualms about missing the Oscars. I admit a pang of regret, however, for missing the Razzies. Alas!

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