RetroFitness of East Norriton

I really didn’t expect to throw myself into this change the way I have. Change is always difficult, and it can be more sweeping than we realize. I’m going to make myself more mindful of what I eat (yes, moreso than before). I need to adjust my sleeping schedule. And I have to get serious about blogging before the day a post should go up.

I was hoping to complete Chuck’s Super Ultra Mega Game of Aspects this week, but I ran out of time. As much as I’ve nailed down how and when to run, as well as where and how to lift, there’s still some scheduling changes that need to happen to I can accomplish other non-fitness goals. As much as I feel like I’m slowly but surely winning this fight against weight gain and sloth, I don’t want to lose out on my writing, or any of my hobbies.

If this means I have to start getting up earlier in the morning, so be it.