Web Alchemy

It’s been a busy week for me, and it’s far from over. My mind’s practically on fire with everything coming at me, and I knew there was something necessary to start tying things together, to fully utilize that fire in a productive way. I needed a single location to feature my work, easy to locate and quick to load, to which I can point those interested in seeing exactly what I bring to the table in terms of programming skill and web-based creativity.

Hence, the webfolio!

Featuring projects past and present, I mean to provide little snapshots of my adeptness at programming, my willingness to work on a team and my propensity for trying new things. I’ll be updating this as my experience grows, but for now it features four of my best sites to date.

Waterfall Jewelers, featuring what may be my programmatic pride and joy to date: a Flash-based Pandora build-a-bracelet app;

Ellipsis Enterprises, an agile little brochure site;

Specialty Ring Inc., a site featuring JQuery drop-down navigation and real-time AJAX form authentication;

and GoreCon Inc., a brochure site including a WordPress blog skinned to reflect the shiny design.

More to come, as my skills and opportunities continue to grow!