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I mentioned in my last LiveJournal entry that with everything going on, despite working weekends to try and make ends meet, I don’t feel stagnant and things are moving forward. GameX begins tomorrow and I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’m still not settled on the format for the video supplements for my Netflix entries. I originally was thinking of going with an entirely animated format, and then I stumbled upon the delightful Nixie Pixel who shows that the use of a webcam doesn’t have to look pixelated, static or amateur. I think there might be some experimentation in my future, and guest spots from the cats.

I’ve dubbed my RPG project “the Jovian Frontier” and I had great advice laid on me by David Hill: have the system support the feel of the game. The new World of Darkness has a straight-forward system that speeds people through the encounters, as the focus is more on the story than the combat. Rifts on the other hand has a combat system that is cumbersome in its note-keeping and damage tracking as it is tedious. The Jovian stories were meant to be somewhat realistic, exciting and free of techno-babble and the soft science of Star Trek Voyager. This to me means the game should also be realistic, exciting and free of long searches through rulebooks. I’m still narrowing down the overall concept, and in another bit of advice from David, I need to compose a single sentence that describes what the game is, who the characters are and why the game is awesome and folks will want to play it.

On top of that, I’m writing when I can, enjoying the storytelling in Fallout 3, playing D&D and waiting for the next book signing for Adventure on a Dare or the appearance of Blood from the Underground 2 on Lulu.

I will try to sort out a Netflix entry tonight and make reports from GameX, provided they have wi-fi.

Internet Explorer the 13th: Jason Browses the Web

According to the BBC, IE6 has become the Jason Vorhees of the Internet.


Why Jason Vorhees, you ask?

It terrifies you if you see it, it will take a machete to most websites and the occasional running process on your PC, and it WON’T JUST F—ING DIE.

So we here at IQnection can expect calls regarding layout, navigation and cart problems until at least 2014. And by “we” I mean “me” because I’m fielding the bulk of the maintenance calls. Hoo-bloody-ray.

At least there’s job security, right?

Speaking of the job and Jason, the workload’s been pretty murderous of late. I’m getting on top of it, however, and hope to resume my normal blogging schedule next week.

Running a Bit Behind

The good thing about having a real job is keeping busy and feeling like a professional, from constructive meetings to wall-banging over client idiocy. The bad thing is less time to invest in things like writing and blogging. I’ve known what I wanted to blog about but haven’t had the time during the day to get it written out. Perhaps I should start drafting posts the night before, if I want to keep my schedule?

Unfortunately pushed to next week are the following:

Monday: True Blood vs. Twilight
Tuesday: Over-Achievement (World of Warcraft post)
Wednesday: Iron Maiden & Guardians

Tonight I’ll draft a recap of my experiences thus far in attempting to get published, and Friday should see some new Jovian fiction.

Back to work. Barely a month in, and already I need to re-shuffle things like recording hours and prioritization. This really does feel like my first real job.

And did I mention Vera, my ’04 Honda Civic, needs work on her electricals?

Fun times.

Blog Schedule

It’s been too long since I’ve updated this space, and for that I apologize. I think what I need to do is lay out a schedule for updates and stick to it. So, here’s my plan:

Mondays – Movies & Events. Review of movies I’ve seen, news on upcoming features from various sources, discussion of movie tropes, etc. Also, if I attend a special event over the weekend, such as a concert or casino night, I’ll post pictures and/or thoughts on this day.

Tuesdays – Gaming. Discussions on video games, MMOGs, articles of interest from the Escapist, and other related geekery.

Wednesday – Comics. New comic books come out on this day of the week, and currently I’m following Invincible Iron Man, New Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mighty Avengers and Deadpool. My dad picks up X-Men comics via subscription and I pick up on other comic book news. This might mix with movies a bit given the rise of Marvel studios.

Thursday – Writing. Tips for breaking writer’s block, finding inspiration, writing pitches and tracking down agents.

Friday – Fiction. From the very short works to status of novels. Also notes, thoughts and even sketches if I can teach myself to draw any better than my current doodles.

If I can stick to this, updates should be more interesting and happen more often.


Do I have your attention?

This site is very much a work in progress at this point.  My biggest hurdle is the integration of bbPress with the main site.  Basically, I want pretty posts I make here to reflect in a forum where people can comment and discuss without the front page getting terribly cluttered.  So far I haven’t had much luck with that.

For now, comments are disabled.  I do hope to enable them as soon as I get the forums thing sorted out.

I’m quite beat, and in need of sleep.  Fiction will be posted in the morning.

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