Have you ever walked into a room in your home, be it yours specifically or just one you tend to occupy, and look around with a feeling of “Boy, I have got to clean this thing up”?

That’s been my feeling regarding this website lately.

I’ve never had a whole lot of success selling myself. I have some ink here and some recognition there, but it’s difficult not to feel put off by a litany of rejection that is evident with even a cursory glance. And while I can’t necessarily do one specific thing that will magically make all of that do a complete about-face, there are steps that can definitely be taken to make it easier to present a marketable, business-like face to the public.

So in addition to other work I’m doing, I’m looking into the best way to push the blog to a sub-section of the site, and put a better face up front for folks to see. I know it’s been done by others (Chuck Wendig for one), and I’m curious as to the best way to go about it.

This is part of a plan I need to define for and impose upon myself to make change happen. It isn’t easy, and it’s not always fast – in terms of personal growth, it’s never as fast as we’d like. But I didn’t move out here to not change things.

As always, I am open to suggestions. That’s what the comments section is for!