Flash Fiction: Outcropping

For the Terribleminds challenge 100-Word Stories.

I lean out around the rock outcropping I dragged Riley behind to give us cover. I can’t see the shooters. But gunfire keeps my head down.

“Dave? Are they still shooting?”


“Don’t get shot. It sucks.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Riley coughs. His hands are over his wound. It looks bad.

“I’m scared.”

“Hang in there, Riley. Blackhawk’s coming.”

“We shouldn’t have come here.”

“We had orders.”

“I meant the war.”

I look up. “Yeah. We don’t belong here.”

“I… never told you.”

“Never told me what?”


“Riley? Never told me what?”

I look again.

Riley’s not moving.


  1. This pains me. So. So. So. Much.

  2. Damned…this is a tough one to read. Not because it isn’t well written, but because it absolutely is.

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