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Maverick Meerkat

Courtesy linuxtree.blogspot.com

Dear Windows,

You and I are done personally.

Professionally we can still work together. It’s not like I have a choice in that. And I’ll still know my way around in you so that people can call me up for tech support at odd hours of the day and night. Because, you know, that’s what happens when you work with or even claim to know computers. Suddenly you’re everybody’s tech support hotline.

But at home? I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t need to jump through a series of flaming hoops to prove I haven’t stolen anything from you. And anyway, what would be the point? There’s no reason for me to try and pull a fast one on you when a perfectly good operating system is available for free that not only does everything you do, but provides me with all sorts of granular control over aspects of its appearance, operation and technical workings.

That’s right. I’m leaving you for Ubuntu.

Specifically, the Maverick Meerkat. How does that nickname not have appeal? “Maverick Meerkat.” It’s like Timon ditched the big boar, found a Punisher t-shirt his size and decided to start meting out his own form of jungle justice. Or took up flying fighter jets. In any event, with the way it’s up and running on my desktop I really have no reason to go back to you.

Sure, some kinks need to be ironed out in the way certain games and applications work. And I’ll need to find a good Linux-based video editing suite if I ever want to do another video version of IT CAME FROM NETFLX! but this is a small price to pay. That is to say, it costs me nothing financially. And after I finish backing everything up, I’ve half a mind to get the latest Xubuntu build on a flash drive and reformat the laptop again. Clean up some things. Get everything running more smoothly.

I’d say I’m sorry it had to end this way, Windows, but let’s face it… I’m not.

At least you still have my wife’s computer.

For now.

Recovery All Around

Ubuntu, Courtesy feeblemind.org

I’m still a little sore and feeling somewhat post-op after yesterday’s wisdom tooth extraction, but two side effects have emerged. One is the occasional nosebleed, but I haven’t had one since yesterday (or last night, I think) and the other is these fucking hiccups.

Seriously, hiccups annoy me. It makes it difficult for me to maintain the line of a conversation and sometimes even a train of thought because of these irregular and somewhat random spasms down in my diaphragm. I’ve tried holding my breath and drinking water, as well as this cure and so far have only had mixed results. On to a spoonful of sugar, I guess.

Anyway, my computers seem to be faring better. A little Systems Restore magic on the main desktop got him working again, and I’m currently working around the various little bugs that emerged from upgrading the Ubuntu version on my laptop.

I love Ubuntu, by the way. It’s a great introduction to Linux. The OS is flexible, the community’s friendly & responsive, stuff looks pretty damn good on it and if I can get Wine working again, I might even be able to run games on it. Like, modern ones. I doubt it has the graphical oomph for, say, Aion, but it might be worth a try.

With these problems fixed and updates underway, I figured I could finally get around to recording this week’s ICFN, even if it means using the sub-standard microphone on the webcam. But guess what happened as soon as I settled in to do that.

The fucking hiccups came back.

So, tomorrow, maybe. For now I’m going to stop stressing and do something relaxing, like write, or shoot Collectors in the face with a shotgun. Maybe download Perfect Dark on the XBLA. I hear it’s “a stupid good time.”

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