Courtesy floating robes
Courtesy Floating Robes

There is something you may not know about the writing process.

The rules of writing have been discussed at length in various places around the Internet. But perhaps a semi-unwritten one is that you have to write as much as you can, as fast as you can, even when you don’t want to. Writing is, after all, a job, and none of us necessarily want to work every hour of every day. But if you want to finish your shit, you have to work at it, even when the notion is less than appealing.

That’s what I did yesterday. I felt a little stuck in Cold Streets. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to resolve a scene. But I sat down, picked an option, and ran with it. 2810 words later I stood up and stretched. The dam had broken, and words were flowing again. I feel back on track, because I made myself write when it wasn’t appealing to me. That’s what you have to do when you’re a writer.

I may do some groundwork this weekend for one of the other projects. I’m still trying to decide which one, though. A lot of the preliminary stuff for Godslayer is already done considering the previous drafts, but there will be a lot of changes to come in that. The other project, the untitled sci-fi thing, is very nascent, with only a couple of short stories to work off of for now, but I feel there’s a great deal of potential and I’m going to want to explore it. Maybe just jot down some notes? We’ll see.

Either way I hope to continue to be productive over the weekend. I don’t want to lose this momentum.