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My original plan for what follows was to get people at conventions around a table at night for a little Dark Heresy. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a convention and I’ll probably be far too busy at PAX East to run a role-playing game. Still, I thought some of you might find the following take on pre-generated character dossiers interesting. The following tidbits of data are meant to help a player choose a character, without imposing things like looks or gender upon them and allowing them to fill in a few blanks while giving them a general structure to work with.

][ +++++++++ INQUISITOR'S EYES ONLY +++++++++ ][

AUTHOR: Brother Ignatius, Comptroller, Office of Inquisitorial Logistics & Tabulation, Calixis Sector
RECIPIENT: Inquisitor Tyburn Graves, Ordo Hereticus, Calixis Sector
SUBJECT: Dossiers – I through III

SALUTATION: To my most esteemed lord, Tyburn Graves, your most humble servant Ignatius extends greetings.

INTRODUCTION: Per your instructions I have begun parsing the observational reports from various sources to determine the candidates most likely to accept an invitation to become an Acolyte in your service.

DOSSIER I: The Adept
LOCATION: Office of Calixian Conclave High Council, Lucid Palace, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla, Calixis Sector
HISTORY: Native to Scintilla. Not born to nobility or wealth. Lack of physical prowess precluded subject from inclusion in Imperial Guard. Natural ability for languages and literacy caused invitation to Calixian Conclave High Council Archives.
CURRICULUM VITAE: Noted for meticulous record-keeping, concise reports and ability to meet deadlines. No indication of career advancement efforts at this time. Has research several Inquisitorial visits and functions taking place in and around Lucid Palace, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla. Knowledgable in various languages and studies of history and local lore.
PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Introverted and disinclined to engage in major social activity. Keeps quarters within Lucid Palace well-appointed and clean. Curious in pursuit of knowledge and new languages.
RECOMMENDATION: Extend invitation through official channels of Conclave High Council, with incentives including hazard pay, recommendations to superiors and access to Inquisitorial records (lowest levels, monitored usage).

DOSSIER II: The Psyker
LOCATION: Void Vessel Oculus Obscurum, last seen orbiting Grangold, Calixis Sector
HISTORY: Born on spacefaring vessel later destroyed by xenos (ref: Dark Eldar raids on Calixis Sector). Transfered to Black Ships upon discovery of psyker potential. Passed sanctioning test and shipped back to Calixis Sector for tutelage of scholars aboard Oculus Obscurum.
CURRICULUM VITAE: Shows potential in disciplines of telepathy and telekinesis. Has caused no accidental deaths of other Sanctionites. Consistently clear of taint from daemons, the Warp or insidious thought of any kind.
PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Curious about life planetside. Unused to non-psyker interactions. Optimistic, confident in abilities, views Emperor and Imperial servants as trusted shepherds and holy folk.
RECOMMENDATION: Provide temporary lodgings on Scintilla once communication with Oculus Obscurum established, offer payment and training under Inquisitorial psykers.

DOSSIER III: The Tech-Priest
LOCATION: Ambulatory Sub-Structures, Ambulon, Scintilla, Calixis Sector
HISTORY: Descended from long line of servants to the Guild Peripatetica, Ambulon, Scintilla, Calixis Sector. Raised to assist in maintenance of city.
CURRICULUM VITAE: Has used knowledge of machine workings to cut off portions of the city as arbitrators have pursued criminals. Known for inspection of outside technology to compare with works from Ambulon. Has applied for work aboard land trains to Gunmetal City or Sibellus several times (all denied).
PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Thirsts for further knowledge of new machines. Devoted to worship of Machine God and believes all machines related and none are insurmountable. Supremely focused on work and technology, somewhat terse with biological life forms.
RECOMMENDATION: Approve work aboard land train to Sibellus and continue making transfers until aboard vessel of choice.

][ ++++++++++ THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: ++++++++++ ][
Educate men without faith and you but make them clever devils.
][ ++++++++++++ END TRANSMISSION ++++++++++++ ][