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The holidays can throw everybody for a loop. I’m no different. Travel schedules, inclement weather and other factors unique to this time of year tend to play havoc with routines and timetables. Things have started to normalize a bit and it’s time I took a bit of stock of where I am now and where I’m heading.


Citizen in the Wilds is out for test reading. I’m eager to get some reaction and feedback, even if it takes the form of “CHANGE EVERYTHING ‘CAUSE IT SUCKS.” I’ve started compiling and expanding some notes I’ve jotted down on the next Acradea book. I’m going to edit The Jovian Gambit for this Saturday’s Free Fiction, and after that? I’m not sure. Possibly a hard-boiled Cthulhu detective story in the style of C.J. Hendersen, or perhaps a sequel to Akuma. I’m also getting back in the habit of writing for my Warcraft characters, both on forums and in the game proper.


The feedback on the first ICFN video has been generally positive, if somewhat cautious. I’m somewhat trepidatious myself, if I’m honest. I think I’m going to shoot for a new video every month and traditional audio enties in the intervening weeks. The poll will return for those audio entries, and as for the videos, I have a few films in mind. Stay tuned.

Dungeons & Dragons

Everybody in the group’s been a little off their game, no pun intended. We’ll be resuming our normal schedule of Tuesday night games, which means I’ll be returning to posting the adventures (or misadventures) of Andrasian, Krillorien, Lyria and Melanie on Tuesday afternoons. After this current printed advneture (Reavers of Harkenwold from the Dungeon Master Kit) I may move them into homegrown content rather than shoehorning Caern of the Winter King from the Monster Vault into the campaign. Or Wizards might have worked a smooth transition in already. More to come on this.

Magic: the Gathering

The local comic/gaming store has free casual play on Thursday nights, $5 FNM events on Fridays and special events like previews of the upcoming expansion Mirrodin Besieged. Attending paid events is a matter of my entertainment budget, and considering it’s something I enjoy alone and the entertainment budget must cover activies for both my wife and myself, it’s hard for me to justify the expense at this time. And I tend to watch my ICFN audio entries the Thursday night before I post the review. There’s simply not enough time, usually. Again, more to come.

World of Warcraft

Cataclysm has rekindled my interest and enjoyment of this game even more than I’d expected. Between the new areas, the promise of dungeons being challenging again (until the next nerf hits) and the resurgence of interaction with guild mates, this game is the other reason I’ll likely have less time for other activities. However, since I play it with my wife as we have since we’ve met, it’s a much more comfortable expense to work into our slender budget.

Classholes Anonymous Podcast

This is more dependant on Black Eagle’s band schedule than anything else.

This Blog

I plan to keep updating every day. Sometimes I’ll have a notion in mind for days before I post it, and some days – like today – I’m stumped up until lunchtime. Comes from everything else on this list as well as the day job and the other responsibilities of adulthood, I guess.

Until I rebel.

Courtesy Hyperbole and a Half


  1. We’re thinking tomorrow night for recording, if you’re free. Yay or nay, drop by the forums and say so.

  2. I’ve been putting off giving you feedback on the video ICFN for quite some time now, but I guess if I don’t say it now I’ll never say it: I just don’t really see your column benefiting tremendously from the new format.

    The video was pretty nicely done, though I agree with whoever it was that said the text was barely readable against the background. That’s easily fixed. However, I see two ways you can approach this thing: Either you make the most of the format and include actual clips of moving pictures from the film in question (depending on whatever tech you have on your end, this can be ridiculously hard to do), or it’s the current approach of creating a series of images to keep our attention while you unload your verbal gold into our willing ears. While I probably shouldn’t underestimate the amount of effort you’re going to pour into this (I marvel already), the first option seems somewhat unlikely, at least on a regular basis. But as far as the second option is concerned, I find that the fancy script is enough to keep me occupied while the audio is running (Not to mention that I felt I needed a script during some of the faster parts of your clip), and don’t see how the video format is a tremendous upgrade to that.

    I’m not saying you should stop working on it, nor that it can’t be made to work (Much how Yahtzee has found a way to make video reviews without game scenes work. I’m saddened by the fact that I couldn’t come up with a better example). I’m just trying to say that, right now, you don’t seem to be making the most of the format and consequently all the effort you put into timing the thing properly and all that seems a little wasted.

    Also, I’d just like you to know that I’d test-read Citizens in the Wilds, if you want me to.

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