Every so often, Chuck engages in a little “search term bingo.” I don’t have as many to deal with, but let’s see some of the more interesting ones from the past week.

ariadne inception

Courtesy Warner Bros

This one comes up a lot, since I do have a deep affection for the film. But it gets me thinking: who would want to “infect” Ariadne with an idea? And what would that idea be? If I had more time and less self-esteem, I might write a fanfic about it. But World of Warcraft satisfies any unnatural cravings I might have in the fanfic department. Speaking of which…

wow troll, troll warcraft, troll female

I think they’re awesome. Warcraft, and the trolls therein. I’m just wondering why the biggest search term draw is related to…

Troll Female, by Samwise

…oh. Right. Troll tits.

jason statham with hair

Courtesy Filmofilia.com

Statham’s lack of hair is like Chuck Norris’ beard. It’s the source of his power. I mean, he can still rock a flick he’s in (like Revolver) when he’s coiffed, but it’s better when he rocks his bald of awesome.

velvet and gay vampires

Enough interesting questions have been asked about me. This doesn’t help.

additional pylons

They must be constructed.